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tv   [untitled]    April 16, 2012 4:00am-4:30am PDT

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commissioner fewer: i am very pleased with this deal. i think this is great considering all of the students we are going to be sending your way. it is great that students will be in a facility that was once owned by us. i am going to ask our deputy superintendent about our marketing broker. it is the largest real-estate company in the world. considering we are a nonprofit, nothing against it personally, i just think that we should maybe work with a non-profit that the as this type of work. if not, i was wondering, if we do not have our own the facility
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person, which we do not, perhaps the city does. we could contract out for the city to represent us. that is just a suggestion. i think that we are small potatoes compared to all of the real estate in the world. i think that it is more socially conscious not to -- to investigate further about having a partnership of this nature with a nonprofit. that the public can also benefit from a sale like this. commissioner mendoza: i have been waiting for this moment to say and thank you to san francisco and david for his work around this. several of us were here when we got that bidding going on when we tried to sell the property
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several years ago. that was really fun to have the secret bidding going on. it was 20 pot -- plus million dollars we sold the property for originally. it has come full circle and deserves to go to the university. this is about supporting our kids and making campuses for our students and to have this go to san francisco state, regardless of the pain and agony it has caused, we all have tough budgets. we figure out a way to get to a place where we were comfortable. i just want to acknowledge -- it is going to be a nursing school potentially. some other wonderful things. i want to think leroy who has
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been gracious in his conversations with us. i think this is a nice way for the president to have this as part of his legacy thank you to our staff for being supportive. this was one of the things that we consistently talked about, whether it was selling it or opening it up for parking or making it a fully market. we had so many crazy things we wanted to do with it in the name of revenue. we are glad to see it go to a deserving institution like san francisco state where we can assure the property. we appreciate you will make it look beautiful. >> i will echo my colleagues. i think there is a sigh of
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relief from the students that they will not be moving back. i remember when my daughter was approved to go to the school yard, she decided not to go there for different reasons. i see this is a win-win situation. we will benefit in many ways. in san francisco state university will benefit. we have some cash that will help us with our general fund. and beyond that, our students here, many of which will go to san francisco state, will benefit from having something built their for their use. i am glad. most of us are supportive of
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this motion. let's have a roll call. commissioner fewer: aye. commissioner maufas: aye. commissioner mendoza: aye. no. commission norton: aye. president yee: aye. >> that is unanimous. >> let's hope the money is still at the state. >> don't say that. [laughter] let's move onto the next item. a motion and a second to the cost information to connect the sale and issuance of san francisco unified school district. the 2012 general obligation, refunding bonds and authorizing
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the submission of such actual information to the california debt and investment advisory committee. ok. a reading of the recommendation by a deputy superintendent. >> i would like to call on our chief financial officer. >> thank you, sfpd -- deputy superintendent. it is a wonderful thing to have happen. a lot of savings per year. that goes into the general fund. it is wonderful. $875,000 a year. that is what we pay on the debt service. we have two resolutions. they have to do with the cost of
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issuance. one is for a the series a 2012. the other one is for refunding. both of those you are approved in prior months. resolution receiving actual cost information in connection with the sale and the issuance of san francisco unified school district general-obligation bonds and authorization the submission of such actual cost information to the california debt and investment advisory commission. i will jump to the -- be it resolved by the board of education city and county of san francisco as follows, section 1, all of the above are true and correct and this board of
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education. section 2, actual cost information, and the board receives the atomize summary of the cost of the sales and issuance as set forth on exhibit a. that is two pages over. section 3, submission of the actual cost information. this board ratifies and that proves this cost information in connection with the report of final sales filed on behalf of the district. section 4, other actions and approvals, officers of the board and staff are authorized and directed to do any and all things and to execute and deliver any and all documents which are deemed necessary in order to carry out and comply
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with the resolution. such actions here to four taken by such officers are hereby ratified and approved. that is the first resolution as it relates to the refunding. >> did you do both of them? >> i did not. >> that is what i thought. i wanted to make sure. no public comment or speaker cards. superintendent? brokaw. -- roll call. commissioner mendoza: aye. commission norton: aye. president yee: aye.
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>> seven ayes. >> the general obligation bonds, 2012 and authorizing the submission of such actual cost information to the california debt and investment advisory commission. is there a motion? >> second peri. >> the resolution in connection with the sale, general obligation bonds, proposition a, series a 2012, authorizing the
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submission of such actual cost information to the california debt and investment advisory commission. let it be resolved by the board of education of san francisco unified, section one, all of the above are true and correct and this board of education finds and determines represents. section 2, the actual cost information. the board receives the summary of the cost of the sale as set forth on exhibit a here to the actual cost information. section 3, submission of the actual cost information. this board ratifies and approves the submission of the actual cost information in connection
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with the report of the final sale filed on behalf of the district. section 4, other actions and approvals. officers of the board and staff are hereby authorized and directed to do any and all things and to deliver any and all documents which they may deem necessary in order to carry out in comply with the resolution. such actions are hereby ratified, confirmed and approved. any questions? >> there is no public cards for this. any comments from the board? commissioner fewer: aye. commissioner maufas: aye. commissioner mendoza: aye.
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commissioner murase: aye. commissioner wynns: aye. president yee: aye. seven ayes. >> initial proposal, i would like to announce the sun shining of the 2011 initial proposal for a successor agreement from the international union of operating engineers, iuoe, local 39 to the san francisco unified school district. public hearing will be held at the regular board meeting of april 24. discussion of other educational issues. consent calendar resolutions, we do not have any. a vote on consent calendar. it was moved and seconded under section f.
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commissioner fewer: aye. commissioner maufas: aye. commissioner mendoza: aye. except items 2, 3, 8, and 14. there were retroactive. commissioner murase: aye. commission norton: aye. commissioner wynns: aye. president yee: aye. >> consent calendar resolution for immediate action. there were nine tonight. -- none tonight. item q, superintendent's proposals. revisions to the comprehensive health education policy. board policy resolution 68- 13sp1, new policy number p6302.
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is there in motion? >> i so move. >> emotion and a second -- a motion and a second. since this was already heard at a committee, we will hold it over for the next board meeting. this will be the revision of brp 9150 and brp 9000a to correct all references to student board members to read student delegates instead.
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>> since i am going to give my report in a few minutes, can i give it here? >> let me have a motion. the head. commissioner wynns: -- go ahead. commissioner wynns: this reference is a mistake, and overstate we've made when we adopted the new form of our own internal rules. it changes all of the references to delegates. it should be just a technical thing. >> board members' proposals, first reading. none tonight. reports for the augmented budget and business services.
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march 19, 2012. commissioner morosity -- murase. commissioner murase: we discussed the facilities bond, which is going smoothly. the north panhandle association and community focus from the neighborhood, who were concerned that the school, were they to occupy a that facility,
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would not serve the neighborhood. there was a lot of discussion about ways in which the school would need to conduct additional outreach and get feedback and demonstrate their commitment to the neighborhood. that discussion item will be returning to the committee in may. >> a report from the augmented rules, policy, and legislation committee. reporting is commissioner wynns. commissioner wynns: the three items that we voted on, that was the student use of technology policy, the board policy regarding immigrant and non- immigrant visa petitions.
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and the reference to student board members. our other action item was the legislative overview. i wanted you know that we had an impressive array of sacramento powerhouse folks here that night. our new advocacy contract, kevin gordon, he used to be the executive director for government to act -- government relations. he has two clients as far as lobbying for sfma. one of them is us. he assures us he wants to handle our contract. we should be happy about that. it was the first time we have had a rules committee meeting in
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considered legislation since their contract began. he came down with everybody. his whole legislative staff. there were five people here. including their general counsel who also represents other cases. some of that were circumstantial. they happen to be in town for a court hearing. they all stayed. i wanted to communicate to the board how important it is that we actually have a group of people that think our advocacy is important, not only to their company, but to the state. what we do is an example for others. we need to think about what we want to do with legislation. and also, to commend to you that everybody -- did everybody get
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the materials? we are talking about the form, since it is a new contract. the reason we have a new contract is that our former contract was with our former advocate who has been, he got a new job. we should be happy about that. i am happy about this since i work with him. we have a new format for looking at our legislation. i would ask you to look at that so you are sure the information you're getting is the information you want. and also we had a discussion about how are advocates, the number of bills they review, and also how they decide which ones we should take a position on, how they work with our staff, how that is reflected in the recommendations they make to
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west. and we asked for some recommendations, and one wasn't -- one that would ask which proposals have been reviewed. and what our own staff expertise and legislative advocates. i would ask you to look out the bills. we did not take positions on bills because we were not ready. they are not cooked yet. we will be reviewing those. i will ask you to look at them. then, the last item, we had informational items. one is the next series of reviews of our board policies. this is our work to try to get them on line and also to make them searchable and more accessible to everybody and
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hopefully compliant, which has been a problem for us. we have not looked at our policies for decades. if all of you have the series 1000 proposals, we will be going over them in detail as we did with the 900 series. i hope he will give us input on that before our next meeting. we have an issue about, which we have been asked to look at, related to a technical change related to state disability insurance. then, of course, we have an update on the state budget. that goes before the budget committee. the outlook is bleak. we will be keeping you updated on that. that is an interesting issue because it does crossover.
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it is the legislative advocate to comment talk to us. they do our budget work. we want you to be aware of that and think about where you want to go to talk about that and learn about it. as well as for the public. i want to thank the deputy superintendent for substituting that night and coming here and acting as liaison. thank you. >> don't forget we have to continue are close to session meeting. >> we are still broke. >> a good summary. a report on city and school
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districts elect committee. march 22. i guess it was commissioner fewer and mendoza. >> it was a great meeting, i have to sit. the got a lot of wonderful information pureed with three new supervisors we have. they are all engaged in our schools. it was great to have one. -- have them. guadalupe gave a description on where we are on that. we are involved in the city and school district. we should have a presentation at some point. they are preparing for our planning grant. it will be looking at an
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additional $6 million for five years. we had a good discussion about the job preparation initiative, it was another great conversation. there will be, attached to that, an announcement on thursday with regard to some jobs for our youth, taking the president's challenge. >> a report on the program committee. commissioner fewer: we had a great meeting. we had three informational items. one was english language services and pathways, which we thought was interesting. each one of you received a manual.
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it is -- the last one we had was in 1947. then we had a report from a high school which sounds promising. they have been doing a lot of new things. i think most of us felt like we needed to take a visit to actually see it. president yee: a report from the committee of the whole meeting. commission norton: we had an update on our restored of practices. there are some promising data and more progress than i had previously realized. i was pleasantly surprised by the report. there are three demonstrations, among them rosa parks to talk to
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us about that. it is not well-founded. it is uneven but overall it was a positive report and i think it is having the effect of transforming the way we approach student discipline and reducing expulsion. >> a report of closed session actions. approving the expulsion
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agreement with one high school student. 3 ayes and 3 absents. disembowelled to expulsion -- this involved the expulsion of one middle school student. alameda court case -- the board, authorized the representative to enter into an agreement on specific terms. in an existing link -- litigation matter,


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